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OSIL has a Project and Engineering Division (P&E) providing Engineering and Construction supervision for both inhouse as well as for clients on a contractual basis and for supplying Sponge Iron Process Technology and Sintering Technology in collaboration with NETC of China.
OSIL P & E is capable of providing the following services
·   Preliminary engineering services including testing of raw materials for :

  • Coal based DRI Plant of 350 & 500 TPD. 
  • Power generation facility from waste heat of DRI off gas.
  • Steel making through IF / EAF including secondary metallurgy.

·   Know how and Basic Engineering Services for :

  • Coal based DRI Plant
  • Steel Plant through IF / EAF
  • Power generation by utilizing the waste heat

·   Plant Engineering for :

  • Coal based DRI Plant
  • Steel Plant

·   Designer’s supervision services for erection, testing and commissioning for :

  • Coal based DRI Plant
  • Steel Plant

·   Supply of propriety equipment for : 

  • Coal based DRI Plant

·   In association with a reputed Chinese research institute we also provide complete engineering services and supply core equipment for Sinter Plant and mini Blast Furnaces.
·   OSIL is a unique company where we not only provide knowhow, engineering services & supervisory services for erection, testing & commissioning for the areas like coal based DRI plants, sinter plants and mini steel plants but also include generation of power using waste heat of the DRI plant .We have our own  manufacturing facilities and are producers of coal based DRI, steel billets and power from waste heat.

  • OSIL is a development oriented company and OSIL owns  many patents to its credit including the patent for OSIL process: “ A method of continuous manufacture of sponge iron and a ported rotary kiln therefore.”
  • OSIL (P&E) took up CDM activities for their 10 MW waste heat recovery Power Plant .The methodology submitted by OSIL has been adopted by UNFCCC as combined methodology for all projects generating power from waste heat / gas on 10th July 2005.  OSIL 's  10 MW Waste Heat power plant project has been registered as a CDM project ( project no 0515) by UNFCCC on 15th December 2006. The Project details can be viewed at  the UNFCCC Website. OSIL   has received issuances of 126,023 CER’s .The next verification is under process.
  • OSIL believes in energy conservation and OSIL P&E has taken up energy auditing as a challenge. OSIL believes in generating energy through energy savings.

A shortlist of activities where OSIL (P&E) is associated, is enumerated bellow:
M/s Sunflag Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., have a unit of DRI Plant having a rated capacity of 150,000 TPA built with overseas technology.  However, the plant operation could not be optimised over a long period.  In 1991 Sunflag approached OSIL  to assist in optimising their operation.  OSIL studied their plant parameters, identified the points of non-compatibility and recommended modifications with engineering support. The major modifications suggested are :

  • Controlled Raw Material Sizing
  • Coal Slinger System (Coal Injection)
  • Kiln Operation – Logic
  • Kiln Discharge System
  • Improvement in air sealing system and prevention of air leakage
  • Modification in kiln to cooling drum transition chute to ensure free-flow of kiln-discharge

Within six months of OSIL's association the plant performance improved to a great extent.
This project was conceived with 2x150000 TPA DRI Reactor with a provision for Power Generation and Steel Making.  It is located at Ghugus in Maharastra.  In its first phase of implementation, a 1x150000 TPA DRI Reactor was installed with all associated service units/systems by Sept. 1995.  This is the first plant, built with the first indigenous patented “OSIL technology.” OSIL engineered the total plant, supervised manufacturing of the equipment, erection of the equipment. OSIL also commissioned the plant ,successfully executed the  performance guarantee tests and obtained the PG test certificate. The plant is in operation since 1996 using coal from the mines in the vicinity of plant. The coal is highly volatile having high ash content and lower fixed carbon. The coal is very fragile and breaks down inside the kiln. No other DRI process can utilize this type of coal.
It is a 50,000 TPA Steel Billet Plant put up by OSIL at Palaspanga, Keonjhar.  The plant comprised of 2 nos. of 8.5T MF Induction Furnace, 2 Strand 4m dia. Continuous Billet Caster, 2 Nos. 20/5T EOT Crane, 2 Nos. 10T EOT Crane, Water Treatment System and other associated facilities.
The Billet Plant was put up to maximise the melting of sponge iron in steel making, thus set a trend for the steel industry.  It was conceived and put up by Project & Engineering Division of OSIL, who have rendered the following services for the project.

  • Basic engineering of 50,000 TPA Steel Billet Plant with all allied services/ facilities;
  • Procurement of plant and machinery;
  • Design and engineering of civil & structural of the plant building
  • Monitoring the project activities;
  • Supervision of erection and commissioning of the total plant and equipment;

The entire engineering and execution was done by Project & Engineering Division of OSIL. This shop has been expanded to produce 100,000 TPA steel billet with minimal investment.
It is a 1.0 MT Integrated Steel Plant, then promoted by Govt. of Orissa who approached  OSIL to be a Joint Promoter.  The total project was conceptualised by OSIL and Dr P. K. Mohanty as Director in Charge, NINL, took the responsibility of the basic design ,getting all statutory clearances, project management etc…. But later when MMTC took a substantial amount of the equity in the  project, OSIL withdrew from the panel of Promoters.  During its period of association, OSIL ,as Incharge of Project Execution, did the following activities to execute the project.

  • Several technological search visits by a team of professionals from OSIL and MECON to countries like Italy, Mexico, Canada, China for selection of plants like Blast Furnace, Sinter Plant, BOF, large size structural mill, Billet Caster, Rolling Mills etc.
  • Finalisation of the contract with ILVA, Italy for procurement of one no used Blast Furnace of capacity of 1915m3
  • Dismantling of the BF in Italy, Arrangement for refurbishing of Blast Furnace and shipping to Dubri site.     
  • Preparation of feasibility reports with various options through MECON;
  • Selection of site and preparation of land schedule;
  • Preparation of land survey ,soil investigation and EIA and EMP report including reports for various statutory clearances including Forest Clearance.
  • Initiation of development of infrastructures like Railway, Power, Water- supply, Mining, Road etc.
  • Route survey for transport of raw material from linkage points, plant and machinery from Paradeep Port;
  • Finalisation of plant layout;
  • Finalisation of Basic Engineering for raw material handling system;
  • Finalisation of raw material linkage;
  • Floating enquiry for procurement of BOF, Billet Caster, Wire Rod Mill, Power Plant civil and structural package, LRF, Ladle and Torpedo, PCM, Sinter plant, Oxygen Plant etc.
  • Discussion with QUAD Engineering of CANADA for large size structural mill.

For proper utilisation and conservation of energy in the flue gas of the DR Plant, OSIL conceived and executed a 10 MW Waste Heat Power Plant with in-house engineering and execution resources.
OSIL executed the complete project based on actual field studies on reactor flue gas and site conditions, sizing all major equipment to optimum rating, designing the complete system with inputs from major equipment suppliers, procurement of plant and equipment from indigenous and foreign sources, integrating and interfacing them with the existing facilities. The plant was erected and commissioned by OSIL in July 2001 and it has been operating successfully by generating about 8 MW on average since then. Another AFBC Boiler of 30 T/hr steam capability has been added to produce 12.0 MW by utilizing the same TG.
During its association with NINL as Project Management leader, OSIL had established strong business relationship with several Chinese manufacturing & design engineering firms. After its withdrawal from NINL, OSIL together with CSGC/AERIMI of China & Otto India Ltd. Of India, a Thyssen-Krupp company, bid & successfully bagged in a global tendering, NINL’s Sinter Plant contract, which has been commissioned since March 2004. The discreet turnkey contract valued at 20 million Dollars (approx.) includes the following services:

  • Basic Engineering services of the entire 180 sq.m Sinter Plant for production of 1.7 million tons of BF Sinter.
  • Detail Engineering services for critical plant & equipment including support structures.
  • Supply of critical FOB & Indigenous equipment
  • Supervision of erection & commissioning
  • Performance Guarantee & Post Commissioning Services.

Usha Group has set up three modules of 100000 TPY Coal based DRI Plant for captive use at its Gamharia site. OSIL Process has been adopted for the proposed plants  after it was approved by their financial institution, IFC, Washington & DEG of Germany.
The first plant has been commissioned in August, 2004 while the successive plants have been commissioned in April 2009 and October 2009.
OSIL provided the following services: -

  • Basic engineering, know-how and training
  • Design & engineering of core plant
  • Design, engineering & supply of proprietary equipment
  • Supervision of erection, testing & commissioning and post commissioning services
  • Inspection during manufacturing of core equipment

Usha Martin have successfully achieved 98% capacity utilization in kiln 1 along with a campaign life of 355 days in 2011 in kiln no3.
8        OSIL DRI 2ND LINE and 24 MW POWER :
OSIL has set up its second sponge line of 500 TPD at Palaspanga along with 24 MW Captive power plant. (FBC& WHRB) .The project has been commissioned in 2009.  OSIL (P&E)  undertook the following services:
Basic and detailed engineering, procurement services, supervisory services, contract management services, project management services, project integration and interfacing with existing units in the plant as well as inspection, testing and commissioning services  have been being provided by the  Project and Engineering Division.
 9.                  RATHI STEEL & POWER LTD (formerly RATHI UDYOG LTD.)
Rathi  Steel & Power Ltd Formerly Rathi Udyog Ltd. has set up one module of 500 TPD Coal based DRI Plant at its Sambalpur, Orissa site along with 20 MW captive power plant and 100,000 TPA Steel Billet Plant. OSIL Process has been adopted for the proposed plant.
OSIL(P&E) is providing the following services: -

  • Basic engineering, know-how and training
  • Design & engineering of core plant
  • Design, engineering & supply of proprietary equipment
  • Supervision of erection, testing & commissioning and post commissioning services
  • Inspection during manufacturing of core equipment

The DRI Plant and the Power plant  have been  successfully commissioned in Nov 2007.Rathi’s have successfully  used Coal of Fc 30 % in their DRI Kiln.
Patnaik Steel and Alloys Ltd. has set up one module of 350 TPD Coal based DRI Plant at Keonjhar, Orissa along with 15 MW captive power plant . OSIL Process has been adopted for the proposed plant.
OSIL provided the following services: -

  • Basic engineering, know-how and training
  • Design & engineering of core plant
  • Design, engineering & supply of proprietary equipment
  • Supervision of erection, testing & commissioning and post commissioning services
  • Inspection during manufacturing of core equipment

The DRI Plant has been  commissioned in May’ 2007  and is operating successfully with 99% plant availability.
M/s Super smelters Ltd, Durgapur adopted OSIL technology to set up two modules of 100,000 TPA plants.
OSIL undertook the basic engineering along with design and engineering of core plant, engineering and supply of proprietary equipment, inspection services and supervision of erection, testing and commissioning services.
The first module of 100,000 TPA has been successfully commissioned in September 2011 and they have achieved 95 % capacity utilization in October 2011. The  design and engineering of the second module is in process.

12. YAZDANI STEEL & POWER LTD(formerly known as Deenabandhu Steel and power Ltd.).
M/s Yazdani Steel and Power, Kalinganagar formerly known as M/s Deenabandhu Steel and power was shut down from August 2010 after which it was taken over by the Yazdani group. The new management entrusted OSIL with the responsibility of  consultancy services for refurbishing, re-commissioning and revival of the 2*100 TPD DRI plant,10 MW Power Plant, steel billet plant and  rolling Mill along with optimizing the operations of the DRI plant, steel  billet plant and the  rolling mill as well as advisory services for preparation of standard manning chart and selection of manpower.
OSIL has supervised and coordinated the revamping of the plant along with OEM’s to bring it to production level. Two numbers of DRI plants have been successfully commissioned  and 75% capacity utilization achieved. The power plant, steel billet unit and rolling mill are expected to commence production in November 2011.



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