Plant facilities

Sponge Iron Plant

The main plant consists of a 4 mtr. Dia x 84 mtr. Long ported rotary kin (DR 1) and 4.8 mtr. Dia x 84 mtr.long ported rotary kin (DR 2) equipped with air injection system to provide for generation of necessary heat and reducing atmosphere required for the process. A mixture of sized iron ore and sized coal along with flux (limestone/dolomite) is charged in proportion through material handling systems into the rotary kiln. Coal acts as the  reductant to romove oxygen from iron ore. The process of reduction causes micro pores in the ore body turning it porous. Directly reduced iron looks like sponge in texture due to pores and hence is called sponge iron.  Iron Ore after due reduction inside the kiln is discharged to a rotary cooler of 3.5 mtr. Dia x 50 mtr long from DR1 and 3.8 x 50 mtr long from DR2 for cooling the DRI from 10000C. The DRI (metallic) and the non metaliks like unused coal, coal ash etc. discharged from the cooler and conveyed by the conveyers to a product processing building where screens and magnetic separators are provided for separation of magnetic and non magnetic elements and screening of DRI for lumps and fines. Cooling of the DRI is carried out by indirect cooling method i.e. spraying of water on the outer surface of the cooler. For the main plant the utilities like water system, compressed air system are provided. The off gas going out of the kiln is passed through a After Burning Chamber, Boiler, ESP & Stack.