OSIL P & E is capable of providing the following services

·   Preliminary engineering services including testing of raw materials for :

- Coal based DRI Plant of 350 & 500 TPD.

- Power generation facility from waste heat of DRI off gas.

- Steel making through IF / EAF including secondary metallurgy.

·   Know how and Basic Engineering Services for :

- Coal based DRI Plant

- Steel Plant through IF / EAF

- Power generation by utilizing the waste heat

·   Plant Engineering for :

- Coal based DRI Plant

- Steel Plant

·   Designer’s supervision services for erection, testing and commissioning for :

- Coal based DRI Plant

- Steel Plant

·   Supply of propriety equipment for :

- Coal based DRI Plant

·   In association with a reputed Chinese research institute we also provide complete engineering services and supply core equipment for Sinter Plant and mini Blast Furnaces.

In association with SRIRAM EPC OSIL also takes up DRI projects on turnkey basis i.e. from concept to Commissioning.

·   OSIL is a unique company where we not only provide know how, engineering services & supervisory services for erection, testing & commissioning for the areas like coal based DRI plants, sinter plants and mini steel plants but also include generation of power using waste heat of the DRI plant .We have our own manufacturing facilities and are producers of coal based DRI, steel billets and power from waste heat.

·   OSIL is a development oriented company and OSIL owns many patents to its credit including the patent for OSIL process: “ A method of continuous manufacture of sponge iron and a ported rotary kiln therefore.”.

·   OSIL (P&E) took up CDM activities for their 10 MW waste heat recovery Power Plant .The methodology submitted by OSIL has been adopted by UNFCCC as combined methodology for all projects generating power from waste heat/ gas on 10th July 2005. OSIL 's 10 MW Waste Heat power plant project has been registered as a CDM project (project no 0515) by UNFCCC on 15th December 2006. The Project details can be viewed at the UNFCCC Website. OSIL has received issuances of 125,023 CER’s .The next verification is under process.

·   OSIL believes in energy conservation and OSIL P&E has taken up energy auditing as a challenge. OSIL believes in generating energy through energy savings.