Current News
  1. "Longest campaign life of 550 days achieved at DRI kiln no 3 of M/s Usha Martin Ltd,Jamshedpur on 30th May 2012.The kiln is still running at rated capacity based on OSIL process using iron ore having Fe:59% ;TI 72% and coal having Fc 35%.This is the longest campaign ever achieved by any coal based DRI Kiln."
  2. M/s Supersmelters Ltd, Durgapur  a 100,000 TPA DRI kiln based on OSIL Process achieves 94 % capacity utilization within six weeks of commissioning in October 2011.
  3. M/s Yazdani Steel and Power Ltd  (formerly known as  Dinabhandu Steel & Power Ltd) recommissions its 2*100 TPD kilns  in August 2011 with OSIL’s help and achieves 75% rated capacity with coal of Fc 28% as fed to the kiln.
  4. M/s Usha Martin Ltd., Jamshedpur ,having 3 numbers of  100,000 TPA  DRI kilns based on OSIL process, achieves 98.9% capacity utilization  in kiln no 1. It has  achieved more than 90% capacity utilization consecutively for the past six years with ore of Fe 59% and Coal of Fc 35%.
  5. Lowest specific energy consumption of 74.19 Kwh/ MT of DRI  achieved in M/s Usha Martin Ltd, Jamshedpur in 2006-07.
  6. M/s Rathi Steel and Power Ltd, Sambalpur based on OSIL Process   achieve consistent production of 290 Tons/day with Coal of Fc 28 %.
  7. M/s Patnaik Steel and Power Ltd., Keonjhar, a 100,000 TPA DRI Plant based on OSIL Process has achieved  plant availability of 99% and a carbon consumption rate of 428 kg/MT of DRI in 2010-11.
  8. M/s Supersmelters Ltd., Durgapur use iron ore pellets successfully in 100000 TPA kiln based on OSIL Process  to get an output of 310 MT DRI TPD.