It is a 1.0 MT Integrated Steel Plant, then promoted by Govt. of Orissa who approached OSIL to be a Joint Promoter. The total project was conceptualised by OSIL and Dr P. K. Mohanty as Director in Charge, NINL, took the responsibility of the basic design ,getting all statutory clearances, project management etc.. But later when MMTC took a substantial amount of the equity in the project, OSIL withdrew from the panel of Promoters. During its period of association, OSIL ,as Incharge of Project Execution, did the following activities to execute the project.

    Several technological search visits by a team of professionals from OSIL and MECON to countries like Italy, Mexico, Canada, China for selection of plants like Blast Furnace, Sinter Plant, BOF, large size structural mill, Billet Caster, Rolling Mills etc.
- Finalisation of the contract with ILVA, Italy for procurement of one no used Blast Furnace of capacity of 1915m3
- Dismantling of the BF in Italy, Arrangement for refurbishing of Blast Furnace and shipping to Dubri site.
- Preparation of feasibility reports with various options through MECON;
- Selection of site and preparation of land schedule;
    Preparation of land survey ,soil investigation and EIA and EMP report including reports for various statutory clearances including Forest Clearance.
- Initiation of development of infrastructures like Railway, Power, Water- supply, Mining, Road etc.
- Route survey for transport of raw material from linkage points, plant and machinery from Paradeep Port;
- Finalisation of plant layout;
- Finalisation of Basic Engineering for raw material handling system;
- Finalisation of raw material linkage;
- Floating enquiry for procurement of BOF, Billet Caster, Wire Rod Mill, Power Plant civil and structural package, LRF, Ladle and Torpedo, PCM, Sinter plant, Oxygen Plant etc.
- Discussion with QUAD Engineering of CANADA for large size structural mill.